Lightly Used/Refurbished

Lightly Used Assembled M2 3D Printer: fully tested and ships with the standard M2 warranty (see the M2 product page for warranty details). 10% discount off normal M2 price. US Only. Shipping time is up to one week from the time the order is placed. Lightly used printers can be returned within 14 days (from the date received).

Refurbished M2 (assembled) - these machines have been factory repaired and have been updated with a single v4 extruder and the latest HBP. They may have cosmetic imperfections. The price reflects a 20% discount off the normal retail M2 cost. Refurbished printers have a thirty-day warranty and a seven-day return policy (from the date received). This is an excellent opportunity for existing M2 owners. This is not recommended for people who do not have prior desktop 3D printing experience.