User Guides and Software

User Guides:

M3  (This link points to, where you can download the user guide for both the M3-SE and M3-ID)

M2 Rev. E  (April 2016 - Present)

M2 Dual  

M2 Rev. D (November 2015 - March 2016)

Older M2's (Pre-November 2015)

Kit Assembly Guide



Open Source

MakerGear 3D printers are compatible with multiple open source tools.

For the M3 Series, we have modified an excellent open source program called Octoprint for use with your printer.

For the M2 Series, we recommend this Open Source Software.  

Simplify 3D

Simplify 3D™ Software is an excellent tool to use with our printers and is included with our M3-ID (available for purchase here for other models).

We maintain  the latest Simplify 3D profiles here for your M3, while M2 Simplify 3D profiles are available from within the software.

We also have this documentation available for using Simplify 3D with your M3 and unofficial detailed Simplify 3D  documentation for the M2


Windows Driver:

Windows Driver

Mac & Linux have native support for the M2 electronics (no driver required)


Additional guidance is available in the Getting Started Section of the MakerGear Forum as well as our Wiki.