BVOH Filament

BVOH purchased today will ship in about 4 weeks.

If you're planning to create complex objects requiring soluble support structures, then look no further than Verbatim's BVOH material.  When paired with the incredible precision and reliability of the M3-ID, industrial quality printing is available at a fraction of the cost of the status quo.

For those who have tried PVA:  this material is stable at 50% humidity.  After being exposed to the air for one month in our labs in Ohio, it still produced excellent results without causing jams or any of the other PVA-related headaches.  Remarkably, it dissolves in hot water even quicker than PVA.

While we haven't tested it out with every material, we are quickly finding that it performs well with a wide range of materials from PLA to Nylon.  Please check out the  Knowledge Base for up-to-date Simplify 3D profiles.

Please see  Verbatim's data sheet for more info.