Who We Are


Our factory is located in Beachwood, Ohio where all of our machines are built by hand and individually tested before shipping. Many of the M2 components are manufactured within driving distance from the factory including the fabricated steel frame and steel parts, machined cast aluminum alignment components, extruder parts and the wiring harness. Off the shelf components (motors, power supply, etc.) are sourced from domestic and foreign suppliers.

 MakerGear was built from the ground up with no venture capital or external financial support of any kind. Instead of worrying about maximizing profits in order to please shareholders, we can focus on developing the best 3D printing products, top-notch customer service, and user experience possible.

 MakerGear products are tools, not toys. The MakerGear M2, for example, is designed, engineered, manufactured, and inspected according to standards that ensure optimal performance for professionals and innovators— from designers, engineers, and architects to teachers and business owners, as well as hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and costume designers — in dozens of industrial applications. 

If you ever need to contact MakerGear for support, our team is staffed with friendly MakerGear representatives and M2 experts. We have an established record of providing prompt, friendly, and helpful technical support. We strive to remain agile to meet the needs of our customers. 

 When you purchase an M2, you become part of the thriving MakerGear community – an enthusiastic, engaged and helpful group of 3D printing experts — particularly designers, engineers, educators, and hobbyists. Whether you’re 3D printing industrial parts, architectural models, DIY quad-copter drones, or your favorite cosplay props, the MakerGear Forum offers a wealth of guidance and information about 3D printing. Join our vibrant network of makers and professionals and contribute to our ever-growing community in which designs, inspiration, and advice are freely shared.