Voodoo Manufacturing

June 21, 2019

 Bring your best ideas to life!


Voodoo Manufacturing is a startup based in Brooklyn, NY that runs a robotic 3D printing factory. Unlike 3D printing factories before them, Voodoo has taken a unique approach in which they use desktop 3D printing technology paired with automation software and robotics to be able to produce high volumes of low-cost plastic parts -- the types of parts that have historically been made with overseas injection molding.

Today, Voodoo is capable of producing cost-competitive parts for runs of up to 10,000 units. Their factory consists of over 200 FFF desktop 3D printers, all connected to their central manufacturing software platform (the “brains” of the factory) which is capable of automatically assigning and monitorin g print jobs at any given moment. Since Voodoo’s formation in 2015, they have worked with thousands of customers including companies such as

Microsoft,  Boeing,

Aldi,  NBC Universal,

Autodesk and many others.



The machines that Voodoo uses for production determine the quality, reliability, and capabilities that Voodoo is able to offer to their customers. Voodoo is an educated customer with extensive knowledge of 3D printers available today and their capabilities. With the goal of 24/7 light-out production, they have an uncompromising need for machines that are both reliable and consistent from unit to unit

After carrying out a rigorous testing process comparing the MakerGear 3D printers to other high-performing machines on the market today, Voodoo found that the M3 offered top- notch consistency from print to print, with low failure rates and little required standard maintenance. When it comes to quality, they found that the M3 produces accurate and high-surface quality parts that delight their customers.

MakerGear’s ability to print a wide range of materials was also a large factor in Voodoo’s choice of the machine, since over time Voodoo plans on expanding their material offering.


Additional factors Voodoo selected the MakerGear M3 series for their factory include:

  • Modular head makes for easy nozzle and hot end rep
  • Independent heads on the M3-ID maximizes build volume
  • Robust filament drive system allows for printing in softer materials (TPU’s) with ease
  • Robust filament drive system allows for printing in softer materials (TPU’s) with ease
  • Uses Octoprint which allows them to take advantage of a variety of Octoprint plugins
  • True Leveling – very straightforward leveling and z-offset scripts, once leveled it stays level!!
  • “MakerGear customer support is phenomenal.”
  • Robust engineering allows for high accuracy parts with low print times
  • Specialty materials such as Alloy 910, PET-G, and NinjaTek Armadillo print beautifully with easy to remove supports
  • Lots of room for expansion/modification
  • Clean simple construction of actual printer - no bells & whistles plus Octoprint plugin advantages allows for you to tailor the printer to your exact needs

  If you have plans to add 3D printing to your business, MakerGear printers are designed to meet your needs. Additionally, with Voodoo ’s use of MakerGear print ers, you can rest assured that they can help you meet volume spikes when you need more capacity than your fleet allows .







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