M2 Quick Start App

MakerGear Quick Start App - Easy to use, plug and play, automated bed leveling / bed calibration for desktop 3D printing.

No more guessing and checking!

The M2 Quick Start App was created to guide you through the bed calibration process in just four simple steps, and shows you exactly how to create your first 3D-printed masterpiece!

Bed-leveling, as some call it, is a tedious and time-consuming process for most 3D printers – not the MakerGear M2 rev. E. The hardware-software integration provided by M2 Quick Start enables you calibrate your 3D printer more quickly, easily, and less frequently.

Easy to Use

With the M2 Quick Start App, you are guided step-by-step through the calibration and printing process.

MakerGear M2 Quick Start App - Application for bed calibration / leveling - plug and play, easy to use application show you how to achieve the best results with your makerGear M2 desktop 3D printer.

Smart Calibration

M2 Quick Start allows you set your starting height and align your bed corners in just minutes through a semi-automated process that allows for ease-of-use without sacrificing the benefits of manual calibration.

Streamlined Printer Control

The "Advanced" tab includes simple, powerful tools that allow users to send a wide variety of commands directly to their M2 3D printer.

M2 Quick Start Video Guide

Quick Start v1.1.8 (stable):

Windows Download - MakerGear M2 Quick Start App

Mac Download - MakerGear M2 Quick Start App

Linux Download - MakerGear M2 Quick Start App

We have thoroughly tested the Stable Quick Start App, so we're hoping that we've caught all the potential problems.  If you do run into one, though, please let us know by emailing ryan@makergear.com, and we'll get it resolved and posted here ASAP.

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