Electronics Board

Though small, this little thing packs a serious punch!

From reading G-Code stored your SD card or computer, to relaying those coded commands to the various components of your M2, the electronics board is crucial to the operation of the M2 3D printer.

You can think of the electronics board as an intermediary between you—the commander of all 3D printing operations, and your M2, the highly coordinated performer of all 3D printing operations.

The primary components of the electronics board on the MakerGear M2 include:

  • 1 - Atmega2560 microcontroller with on-board peripherals.
  • 5 - Stepper motor drivers.
  • 5 - High-power MOSFETs.
  • 4 - Thermistor inputs.

Please note: This PCB ships with Rev E firmware. If you don't have a M2 Rev E printer (noted on the sticker on the back), you'll need to upgrade your firmware with the MakerGear Firmware Selector.