MakerGear M2 3D Printer Kit

A MakerGear Classic Is Back

The M2 Kit is back!  With all the same components that ship on our M2 rev E ( more info here), the kit allows you to fully understand the workings of your M2 prior to putting it to work.  

The very important small print - Read the following before ordering the M2 3D Printer Kit:the M2 is a precision machine, and as such, requires diligent attention to detail during assembly. The kit is intended for people who very much want to put their printer together and is not intended as a way to just save a few bucks. 

If you have questions during assembly--and you probably will--it will be a great opportunity to become an active member of the MakerGear  forum. MakerGear support will only provide limited support to kit builders - we will send out missing or replacement parts and we will answer questions specifically related to the assembly instructions - in other words if the instructions are not clear. We want your kit experience to be delightful but we simply can't hold your hand during the process. If this is a problem, please get an assembled/tested M2.

** Free FedEx Ground shipping in the US **