Break free  
with Independent Dual Extrusion

Able to tackle the most complex print jobs, the MakerGear M3 Independent Dual (M3-ID)
is the smarter, faster answer to advanced desktop 3D printing needs.

Independent by design

The M3-ID Rev. 1 print heads are completely modular and run on independent drives,
allowing users to gain maximum value from each. Both extruders are easily accessible,
serviceable, and deliver high-precision results.

Highly adaptable

Mix and match engineering-grade thermoplastics, elastomers, and composite materials
to achieve the ideal balance of mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. Design and build freely 
using soluble BVOH and HIPS support materials.  Combine soft, flexible, and rigid elements 
to achieve your preferred mechanical properties. Print multicolor models right out-of-the-box.

Famously reliable

Designed and engineered using the same design principles behind 
the world's #1 ranked Workhorse 3D printer, the MakerGear M2, 
the M3-ID Rev. 1 is made with precision-machined components that provide consistent, high-quality 
results for years to come.

True-Leveling + Auto-Leveling

True-leveling + Auto-Leveling provides the best of both worlds: True flatness + plug-and-play performance.

Offering exact calibration, assisted leveling, and superior adhesion along the entire build plate,
the M3-ID Rev. 1 introduces a touch probe in order to expedite, manage, and improve the bed leveling process.
Additionally, the printer then reads the build plate's surface to generate a mesh pattern, which serves as a guide
for small Z-axis compensation that correct unavoidable variances from complete flatness. 

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2X throughput

Elevate your desktop production using the M3-ID's Mimeo Mode, allowing its   
independent extruders to work simultaneously to maximize production throughput and 
reduce costs for manufacturing single-material parts.

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Unlock any geometry with soluble support


Create without limits using soluble support, allowing for
accurate, high-resolution printed parts independent of geometric complexity. 

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Expedited Results

Get both speed and high-resolution details. By combining the variable nozzle sizes available for the
M3-ID (0.25 - 0.75 mm) with the infill and support features available in the newest version of Simplify3D's all-in-one
3D printing software, every part can be completed with a high-quality surface finish at unprecedented speeds .

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Complete, wireless compatibility


The M3-ID Rev. 1 offers wireless and ethernet access to printer controls from any web-enabled tablet, phone, or remote device
connected through the local network. With the ability to control  multiple printers from a single device, the M3-ID enables greater
operational efficiency in high-volume printing contexts such as printer farms, schools, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities.

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Ever-Expanding Materials

ABS | ASA | HIPS | Nylon | PET-G | PET-T | PLA | Polycarbonate | Polypropylene | PVA | TPE | TPU | carbon fiber composites | and more.
With the ability to print up to 300 °C and a heated bed that reaches up to 130 °C,  
the MakerGear M3-ID offers users ultimate filament compatibility  
that extends the benefits of open-source collaboration  
to professional 3D printing.