Dual V4 Extruder Kit

Whether for practical or aesthetic purposes, the Dual V4 Extruder Upgrade enables your M2 3D printer to extrude two different filament materials while printing a single object. Our dual extruder upgrade kit includes complete assembly instructions and requires a 24-volt M2.

Each upgrade kit is made-to-order and therefore involves a lead time of approximately 7 days.

Please note that you will need to upgrade your firmware before using this product. Please visit  http://firmware.makergear.com  to download the correct firmware.

The Dual V4 Extruder Kit is NOT compatible with the M2 Rev G (that we are currently shipping). 

*If you're currently using a 19-volt M2 , you'll need to install  our "Standard" Power Supply Upgrade Kit before installing the Dual V4 Extruder Kit. If you do not know the voltage of your M2 3D printer, simply contact Support@MakerGear.com to determine your current voltage.