Reinventing an Old Tradition with 3D Printing

November 04, 2016

Reinventing an Old Tradition with 3D Printing

We heard that some polling stations here in the U.S. have stopped the practice of passing out "I Voted" stickers. Since Election Day is just around the corner, we decided to create a 21st century alternative to the long-standing tradition with a 3D printed "I Voted" pin.

Then we thought "Why not get our community involved?", so we're hosting a mini contest to see who can fabricate the snazziest "I Voted" pin.  Post photos of your pin with #ivoted and #MakerGear for a chance to win a free nozzle set and spool of PLA! Be sure to include information on the materials and post-processing techniques used (if applicable).

Click here to go to the get the design file and start creating your very own "I Voted" pin! 


Our winner of the mini-contest is, Jerold Von Hemel!

Jerold reports that he added G-code to stop Octoprint at layer 20 to change the color to blue. Then he sliced the file in Simplify 3D and sent it to the printer using Octoprint. See his design below.

Great job! And keep an eye out for your nozzle set and spool of PLA! 

And to all, keep an eye out for future contests from MakerGear!