Dual extrusion provides the ability to print multi-material objects as well as super complex geometries (using support structures printed out of water soluble filament).  While many consumer-grade 3D printers feature dual extrusion using a single head with two nozzles that raise and lower, the process of switching active extruders is time consuming and is another component that can be a maintenance problem. 

By using two independent heads, MakerGear’s independent dual heads allow seamless transition between extruders on dual material prints and produce beautiful print quality.  Further, because the two heads operate independently of each other, users can run their printer in mimeo mode where the right extruder is duplicating the movement of the left extruder, doubling throughput on jobs where you need many of the same object.  Lastly, because users can choose to run just their left extruder or just their right extruder, the system has built-in redundancy (not to mention the ease of maintenance on MakerGear extruder systems).