Flexible Use Made Easier

Flexible Use Made Easier

There is a huge trade-off between ease of use and the flexibility to produce parts in the filament of your choice.  While some systems have dialed in settings, these systems require you to use a limited selection of their filament, which is priced at multiples of their open market value.  On the other hand, MakerGear printers have been designed to run with a wide variety of materials, allowing users to obtain industrial-grade performance with exactly the material they need for their application.

To get MakerGear users started, we provide optimized Simplify 3D profiles for the most commonly used materials, making the process straight forward.  The list of materials with optimized profiles is always growing!

Lastly, when considering ease of use, it is important to consider not only how easy it is to operate your printer when it’s properly functioning, but also how reliably it performs as intended and how quickly (or not) users can get their printer back up and running.  By combining industrial-grade components with genuine technical support, you can trust that MakerGear printers will perform reliably and that you will be impressed with our support and the ease of maintenance.