It's more than an insulator! It's a mounting system!

V3 Hybrid GrooveMount™ - we've been using Hybrid GrooveMounts in our Super Packs and Plastruders since the beginning of 2010. They combine the strength of PEEK with the low friction of PTFE. Our hybrids have proven extremely reliable in extensive field use - not a single V2 has failed. The hybrids work with PLA and ABS. The V3 Hybrid GrooveMounts were precision machined: Length is 27mm. Widest diameter is 16mm (actually 5/8"), narrow sections are 12mm. We have V3 Hybrid GrooveMounts available for either 3mm filament or 1.75mm filament

The V3 Hybrid GrooveMount is available in Black or Tan depending on inventory. The Mounting Pieces are now made from 1/4" plywood. We no longer make Acrylic Mounting Pieces.  The V3 Hybrid GrooveMount is designed to work with our new Wooden Mounting Pieces (available on our Plastruder Parts Page). The V3 Hybrid GrooveMount is also used in our M2 Hot-end. If you have some of our older Acrylic Pieces, we recommend you purchase new Wooden Mounting Pieces for use with our new V3 Hybrid GrooveMounts as the Acrylic Pieces will be loose.


V3 GrooveMount™ Kit - The flexible, customizable, maker-friendly Hybrid GrooveMount V3 kit. Customize the mount to meet your needs. The parts in the kit are what we use to make a fully assembled GrooveMount. Use just the pieces you need, customize it, do it your way. The V3 specification is available here

The kit contains all the parts to make a 1.75mm or 3mm V3 Hybrid GrooveMount:

PEEK Mount
1.75mm PTFE Insert
3mm PTFE insert
Stainless Steel Locking Pins

Important GrooveMount Kit assembly information is available here.


PEEK GrooveMount™ (discontinued) – 5/8" Black PEEK insulator: 35mm overall length. 15mm tapped M6. Filament path drilled at 3.35mm. Beveled entry. The PEEK GrooveMount is designed for use with 3mm filament (a non-grooved version is available on our Plastruder Parts Page). If you order a Grooved PEEK Insulator, please be sure to also order the appropriate Wooden GrooveMount Pieces (available on our Plastruder Parts Page) applicable for your filament drive. PEEK better tensile strength, shape and stiffness than PTFE in higher temperatures. PEEK insulators work great when printing with ABS. The Groove in the PEEK GrooveMount Insulators will work with either the older style Acrylic Mounting Pieces (no longer available) or our new Wooden Mounting Pieces (available on our Plastruder Parts Page).


Note: Does not include the one-piece nozzle shown in the photo. 

Be sure to also check out our  Plastruders (both Stepper Plastruder Kits and Fully Assembled MakerGear hot-ends), SuperPacks (contain all the parts you need to make your own MakerGear hot-end) and other Plastruder Parts.


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