ZZZ Stepper Plastruder Instructions - Sells Mendel Mount


The Mendel Mount consists of two distinct sections - the filament drive support and the hot-end riser.


Filament Drive - consists of three plywood pieces, the BrutHead, motor with drive pulley, and fasteners.

Attach the support pieces to the base using the 12mm M3 screws.

Use the two 45mm M3 screws to attach the filament drive as shown. Use two washers with the 45mm M3 screws otherwise the filament drive will not be tight (due the to the thread depth in the gearhead).

You may want to remove the idler block to make sure the drive pulley is aligned with the filament guide. It is not a problem if the drive pulley extends a couple of millimeters beyond the end of the drive shaft.

The Mendel mount is reversible. If you change the orientation, as shown here (green background), make sure the filament guide in the BrutHead aligns with the filament hole in the Base plate and the Riser.



Important note: There should be a couple of extra small M3 (7mm outside diameter) washers with your Brut kit. You'll need those here.

The Riser plate fits like this. The two notches should fit over the M4 impaler screws.

Place a small M3 washers (7mm outside diameter) on each of the 40mm M3 screws and insert the M3 screws as shown.

Flip over the Riser Plate and put a 1/2" diameter nylon space on each M3 screw and place the plywood filament guide between them. 

Things get a little out of sequence here as the V3 Hybrid GrooveMount gets added here. Also, add two of the larger M3 washers (9mm outside diameter) to each of the M3 screws - these are the spacers between the two pieces holding the hot-end.

The final piece slides over the V3 Hybrid. For this reason you need to assemble the riser with the V3 Hybrid before completing the hot-end. Attach the lower hot-end support using a 9mm M3 washer and an M3 nut.

Note the orientation of the hot-end supports. The notches should face the front of the carriage to fit around the bearings and diagonal/vertical M4 screws. It is going to be a tight fit in the x-carriage and you'll need to do a some sanding or filing to get a clean fit.

Insert the filament guide. You can use either the clear 3/8" acrylic tube or the or the 3/8" nylon spacer. If you use the acrylic tube you'll need to file it a bit to get it flush with the Riser Base plate.

Now, insert the Riser into your carriage. Once you have it positioned and the filament guide is in place, mount the filament drive on top. It should be a flush fit. If for any reason there is a gap, inspect and correct the problem before securing the mount using the carriage M4 mounting screws.


Before trying to print make sure the filament guide is clear and aligned from the top of the Brut into the heater barrel. A piece of 3" metal rod was included to help you verify the alignment.

If you are using one our Pololu stepper carrier boards then you'll want to wire you stepper like you see on the right. The triangular tabs are on top of the connectors in the photo.