ZZZ Stepper Plastruder Instructions


Please take your time and use these instructions - read through each section and look through the parts bags before jumping in... 

Part 1: Finishing the Partially Assembled HeatCore


Part 2: Assembling the BrutHead Filament Drive


Part 3: Assembling the Batch 1 Hot-end or the Batch 2 or later Hot-end

MakerGear thermistors use beta value 4066. It is very important that you use the correct beta value with your firmware. If the beta value is not correct then the temperature you enter can be much higher or lower than what you are expecting. If you did not receive the beta value, contact us.


Part 4: Assembling the Simplified Mount

or the original Prusa Mendel Mount

or the original Cupcake Mount


or the Sells Mendel Mount


Part 5: Using your Stepper Plastruder

The most recent instructions for using a stepper driven extruder on an cupcake can be found here

Given that the plastruders are being used on a variety of printers, firmware and operating systems it is proving difficult to provide a consolidated, accurate and up to date set of instructions. If you need assistance getting your stepper plastruder working on your printer, please visit the MakerGear IRC channel (irc://freenode/makergear). You can use the Chatzilla plugin for Firefox to connect to IRC. Select Freenode. Once you are connected to Freenode type "/join makergear" (without the quotation marks) in the command line.