M2 Kit Instructions


This page has instructions for M2 Kit Assembly.  For instructions on getting started with an assembled M2 please visit M2 - Getting Started.


Every part in the kit should fit together. You may need to finesse parts together but at no point should brute force (a hammer, for example) be necessary. If you find that you need brute force check the instructions carefully or, if necessary, send an email to support@makergear.com.

You are probably really excited and want to jump in but PLEASE read through the guides before starting your assembly.

What Is In The Box

M2 Assembly PDF (step by step instructions)

M2 Assembly PDF (exploded diagrams)

Attaching the M2 Wiring Harness PDF


--- Older Assembly Information ----

Mount the Z Stage/Platform - this is the most involved part of the assembly process. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Attach Motor/Wiring Harness & Mount Electronics

Final Frame Assembly - the steps related to mounting the Z-Stage have already been completed. Skip those items to complete frame assembly.

M2 Assembly Animations:

The following 'Assembly' links open PDFs that provide detailed, exploded assembly diagrams.

Belt Clamp Assembly

Upper Spool Holder Assembly

Lower Spool Holder Assembly

X-Stage Assembly

Y-Stage Assembly

Upper Shaft Clamp Assembly - remove the bearing while mounting the Z-stage.

Lower Shaft Clamp Assembly

Filament Drive Assembly

Z Stage/Platform Assembly - it is easier to mount the Z-Stage (next step) if you wait until the Z-Stage is mounted before attaching the Y-Stage Assembly. The following animation shows how to attach the Y-Stage to the Z-Stage.