Getting Started

Unboxing the MakerGear M2

Initial Setup:

Congratulations! With your new MakerGear M2, you're now ready to begin your path toward 3D Printing Prosperity.  Before getting started, please see the applicable User Guide for step-by-step set up instructions.

A printed copy of the M2 rev. E User Guide is included with your printer. If you're not sure which version you have, this information is can be found on the label on the backside of your M2 or by contacting MakerGear Support.

Additional guidance is available in the Getting Started Section of the MakerGear Forum as well as our Wiki.

User Guides:

M2 Rev. E (April 2016 - Present)
The Rev. E Quick Start Software and Video Tutorial page. You'll find links to the Quick Start software and the Getting Started video. Don't look anywhere else, this is the place to get started with an M2 Rev. E.

M2 Rev. D (November 2015 - March 2016)

Older M2's (Pre-November 2015)

Software & Windows Driver:

The MakerGear M2 is compatible with multiple open source tools. However, we recommend using Simplify3D™ Software (available for purchase here). 

Unofficial detailed Simplify3D™ documentation

Download the Open Source Software for your M2 

Windows Driver

Mac & Linux have native support for the M2 electronics (no driver required)