Breaking Down M2 - leveling the build platform

August 25, 2012

If you've worked with earlier printer designs you probably found the build platform leveling process to be somewhere between tedious and challenging. The mounting mechanism on M2, as we'll show here, allows for quick and easy leveling of the build platform.


M2 ships with a borosilicate glass build surface and a removable platform heater. The platform heater and the glass build surface mount on the spider (blue part) using rubber fittings (not shown). The spider is supported by a stainless steel plate (below) that gets attached to the linear drive components.

Wide, sturdy springs go between the spider and the mounting plate.


When the springs are compressed they do a very good job of keeping the platform stable while also allowing for easy adjustments. The goal is for you not to have to do much adjusting but when you do, it should be quick and easy. I think you'll find it to be the case :)

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